Bandelettes® are a new, unique and patent pending article in the lingerie and hosiery, but already in high demand!

The Bandelettes® provide comfort and solve a very common problem, namely chafing of the upper inner thighs. On top of that, the Bandelettes look great when wearing them.

We are currently looking to expand local availability to customers in Europe, due to high demand.

When you are buyer of a department store or own your own shop in lingerie, hosiery, sports, plus size fashion or bridal fashion, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

 Agent Bandelettes® anti chafing thigh bands for retailers Europe.

Our company, Compendium Ventures, is a trading company established in The Netherlands.

We are active with e-commerce and we operate as commercial agent. We represent as agent the unique and patent pending Bandelettes® in Europe.

We are currently looking to expand the availability of the Bandelettes® with retailers, due to the high demand from existing and new customers.

Our Mission

Chafing thighs is a problem many women have had to struggle with their entire lives.

Our mission is to provide women with a solution. Whether they’re into being glamorous and sexy, or are serious runners and athletes.

Bandelettes® are used by women all over and from all different walks of life.

Retailers in Europe

Our Company & Mission

Agent Bandelettes® Anti Chafing Thigh Bands For Retailers Europe

Elegant Designs

Bandelettes® are thigh bands available in elegant lace and in popular colors to match the color of the dress or lingerie underneath.

Women love Bandelettes® because they solve the painful thigh chafing most women suffer from and make one feel sexy and comfortable wearing them! 

The Unisex Bandelettes® became a huge hit among athletic fashion-forward men and women. They look great under gym shorts and provide a buffer along the inner thighs when they are running marathons or playing sports.

Bandelettes® can be worn in all kinds of situations; when going out, shopping or playing active sports. The Bandelettes® are ideal to wear in almost any situation.

Bandelettes® Thigh Bands
The attractive solution for the painful chafing of the upper inner thighs when wearing a dress with bare legs.